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About This Blog

Rants and raves about the church, life in general, and where we are and where we’re headed in the 21st Century (or at least how I see it from my perspective).

Pull up a chair, settle back, hang onto your hat, and let’s go for a ride in the world of Ms. Crankypants.

Am I angry?  No, not particularly.  I just feel generally cranky about some of the things I see in the modern church.  Is this really what Jesus wanted when He left the process of worldwide evangelism to His people? Is this really what He meant by making disciples?

I have an awful lot of questions.  But I don’t necessarily have many (or even any) answers.  But I do have a lot of opinions.  🙂

This is going to be my ongoing spot for ranting, raving and thinking aloud.  I suppose I’ll probably rattle a few cages.   Sorry ’bout that in advance.  😉

And just so you know, I’m not cranky every day, so there will also be the odd post about cats or books or food or … whatever.



1. writerchick - June 8, 2007

Hey Ms CP,
I just wanted to let you know, that I was tagged to do a food meme by Michael, my version of the meme is up on Sunday and hehe, I tagged you. Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

How’s things?

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been a little scarce online this week. Car troubles sort of absorbed all my energy (and money!). Ugh. Heading to your site now to see. 🙂

~Ms CP

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